The important thing is not that I master nature, but that I live with it. — Picasso

悠山悦景拥有得天独厚的自然资源与环境,景观主题演绎寻溪、见溪、栖溪三层景观序列,四大归家巷道 — 抚琴巷、栖息巷、听溪巷、知风巷;营造伴溪而归和林下而居的生活意境。

YoushanYuejing has unique natural resources and environment. The landscape theme deduces the three-layer landscape sequence of Xunxi, Jianxi and Qixi, and the four homing lanes are Fuqin Lane, Roost Lane, Tianxi Lane and Zhifeng Lane. Create the life artistic conception of accompanying stream and living under the forest.


Step into the yard, along the water and return, a little distance of the mountain water wall and group of shadowy, moving to hear the wind in the shadow of the treetops that rustle, like a natural welcome. At the entrance, the water scene and tree array on both sides form a ritual feeling of returning home. The metal sculpture forms a contrast with the landscape wall.



Go to inside, the life scene that belongs to foreign house alone is spread out in front of open. Under the shade of trees are well-designed lounges and chairs for people to sit and chat. The gentle sound of the waterfall interweaves the natural spirit of the community.




The verandah forms the "hiding" of space, and the "dew" of the combination of sight and moving line, showing the open landscape pattern of atmosphere; Break away from the shackles of traditional indoor receive a visitor, move the sitting room into nature, blend the life into nature truly, without boundary line.

游廊形成空间的“藏”,视线与动线结合的“露”, 展现了大气开敞的景观格局;脱离传统室内会客的桎梏,将客厅搬进自然里,真正将生活融入自然,没有界线。

The meeting room is connected with the entrance and the space between each house. In order to continue the etiquette of the entrance, the meeting room still adopts the axis design method. The wind and rain landscape gallery, water feature and sunshine lawn are the core elements of the space.




Children's water park is a fun childhood for children, and interactive installations add to the fun. The bright colors of childhood stand out in the shadows of the trees; The unique interactive framework of wind awareness allows children to appreciate the charm of nature and art from childhood.


At the same time, considering the traffic flow and the requirements of parents' care, the adult rest area is set up.




The homing laneways of western houses are composed of delicate green paths with leisure space between houses. Dark view walls and landscape lamps are used to strengthen the sense of ceremony in the entrance area. Multi-layer green trees in the path surround the quiet room space, allowing the body and mind to return to nature.



Look at a mountain, listen to a piece of water, enjoy into the brook, eventually a body. — YoushanyuejingIn this garden,both water and forest exist naturally, returning to the most essential feeling of life, and the mutual influence of people and scenery is integrated into the behavior imprint.

项目名称 | 贵阳华润·悠山悦景
项目地点 | 贵阳白云区
项目面积 | 66065㎡
完成时间 | 2022年02月
业主单位 | 贵阳华润置地
业主团队 | 敬宏、陈佳、叶薇、丁德斌、杨登坤、滕菲、叶高荣
景观设计 | 麦微景观
设计指导 | 甘炜炜、金亮亮
设计团队 | 袁强、赵梁英、吴长煜、张艳、沈露娜、 彭月华、周佳慧、郑鹏、刘李军、林英、朱俞婷
建筑设计 | 上海成执建筑设计有限公司(方案);基准方中建筑设计股份有限公司(施工图)
施工单位 | 成都绿茵景园工程有限公司
施工团队 | 沈诚、任戈、夏达、杜运飞、周佳清、杨向阳、袁何、杨有福、李先国、唐建军、雷文文
拍摄团队 | ZOOM/琢墨建筑摄影
市场品牌 | 沈习创



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